Music Venues in Bournemouth

Over the years Bournemouth has evolved into not only one of the South's prime music locations but one of the most popular in the UK.

With the O2 Academy and International Centre providing your big-name fix, and the Old Fire Station showcasing more underground artists, there is nothing short of full variety on offer here.

Let Singing Lessons Bournemouth guide you through your next gig night.

O2 Academy Bournemouth

Originally the Boscombe Grand Theatre, the O2 Academy Bournemouth has, through millions of pounds of investment, been transformed over one hundred years into the city's premier music venue that it is today. With a capacity of 1,800, you are sure to find a huge variety of acts playing, but who are all at the top of their game. The history of the building speaks volumes, with acts such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy gracing the building, to the rave culture during the '90s until today's blend of old and new acts like Vampire Weekend and Eels performing in recent years. Located centrally, the building is unavoidable, and could be mistaken for an opera house of sorts, but rest assured the music on offer suits all tastes. With an O2 Academy being present in some of the biggest cities, the venue is often on the tour schedule for bands wanting to rock the South. Inside, the stage is intimate, and the sound is excellent. The building appears like a church, complete with the warm acoustics that accompanies such a visually pleasing interior, this venue is definitely one to make a date for.

Bournemouth International Centre

Bournemouth International Centre, or BIC, is one of the larger indoor venues in the UK, and so you might seem anxious that the sound might be poor or the view might be bad. However, this is not the case: the layout of the building is such that anywhere you are you will have an adequate view, and the sound is crisp and clear, even for the loudest acts. With a couple of concert halls, the BIC can hold up to 6,500 people for its largest stage, ensuring even the most popular performers make an appearance fairly often. If you can think of a popular performer the chances are they have graced this stage, everybody from Bob Dylan to Pulp to Babyshambles and Sigur Ros, truly a venue to keep an eye on. Not only does the BIC host music performers, basically every form of entertainment is represented at the box office. As such, the Centre attracts audiences from all around the South, for people who might be too far away from London, so this is really a great venue to have practically on your doorstep, one to watch.

The Old Fire Station

The Old Fire Station should be your go-to venue if the alternative music scene is more your particular area of interest. As the name suggests, the building is a Grade 2 listed ex-fire station, and since it converted in 1995 the bells have not stopped ringing within its four walls. It serves as both a concert venue and a student union, so it is most popular with the younger residents of Bournemouth. The venue hosts smaller rock and pop acts, along with dance and R&B acts alike. Bands like the Black Keys and Reel Big Fish should whet your appetite during the early evening, while dance acts such as David Guetta and Dizzee Rascal have continued the party into the night. With the latter rapper also has performed at the BIC, this suggests that the Old Fire Station functions somewhat as a springboard for up-and-coming acts that later go on to headline much larger stages. So if you fancy checking out the next big thing, or just to have a great night in Bournemouth's premier student venue, give the Old Fire Station a try.

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